Headstart For Your Child

DPS WORLD KIDS offers an inimitable kind of childcare that all parentages dream of having their adolescent to be a part of during those treasurable young years. DPS WORLD KIDS takes prodigious pride in our family environment, where everyone is treated with admiration and where communication is priority. Learning is a natural process that is very gratifying for both facilitators and kids, as we offer them to nurture as self­governing intellectuals. We help them transform their questions and curiosity into creativity and preparedness to independently find answer to their question.
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Admission announcement

Admission open for academic session April 2017- 2018 for

  • play group – Age 18 months to 2.3 years
  • Pre Nursery – 2.5 Plus
  • Nursery – 3 years plus as on 31st March
  • KG – 4 years plus
    Please contact on the following school helpline numbers for further clarifications – 011 – 26691353 , 7838514683

DAY care facility on SOS is also available