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3 F’s
We promote a child ­lead program where children have the opportunity to take an energetic role in crafting their own learning expedition. We implement through our practice the DPS World Kids Fundamental values of Freedom, Fun and Family.

  1. Freedom

    • Freedom to move.
    • Freedom to express.
    • Embark on a journey called childhood!!!
    • Under the able leadership of our accomplished teachers.
    • Opportunities to learn at every first step.
    • Freedom to make choices.
    • Encourage deeper thinking & Passionate learning.
  2. Fun

    • Fun & Learn.
    • Riding Bikes.
    • Read stories.
    • Learning for life.
    • An evolution to school program that makes the transition to primary school fun & interactive.
  3. Family

    • Like a family to support always.
    • Every child is special & different.
    • We respect and support every child to help them develop as individuals and be what they want.