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Dear Parents!
The educational challenges that we face as a global society today are complex, but our understanding of its intricacies has grown and continues to grow considerably, and we owe it to our profound association of almost a decade with Delhi Public Schools, both India and International.

With our humble dictum “With Nobility We Serve“, each member of DPS World Kids strives to achieve excellence in every endeavour –Education, art, research, consulting or training – by making continuous improvements in curricula and pedagogical tools.

DPS WORLD KIDS encourages a strident child who knows how to make healthy life choices, knows how to learn, explore relationships, and enjoy physical and social lifestyle.

With a sense of pride and privilege, I hereby take an opportunity to thank you on behalf of Sehgal Group for choosing DPS World Kids which stands for scholastic professionals, wholehearted assurance and comprehensive child.

Best Wishes,
Alka Sehgal