At DPS WORLD KIDS, we have a simple admission procedure comprising the following 5 steps:

Step 1

School Visit by the Parents/Guardians

Step 2


Step 3

Admission Test and Interaction

Step 4

Documents Acceptance and Verification

Step 5

Admission Offer

Each of the 5 steps are detailed as below:

School Visit by the Parents/Guardians

We believe that each prospective parent/guardian must be throughly guided and all necessary & relevant queries must be addressed. The school visit has the following aspects:

  1. Parent/guardian arrival and welcome at the reception
  2. Initial conversation in which the School overview is provided
  3. Collection of Information about the child/ren or ward/s whose education is being considered at the School
  4. Presentation on the School is made, and associated queries are handled
  5. Tour of the School is provided while ensuring that no classes and activities get disturbed
  6. Any remaining queries are attended to by the School representative
  7. Interaction with School Principal is organized for a detailed understanding of our philosophy, approach and goals
  8. Briefing about the admission process is made and feedback is taken on the School


This step is applicable only to those parents/guardians who take the prospectus and brochure for their child/ren or ward/s. The following sub-steps are involved:

1. If the parent/guardian is interested, they are offered to fill in the registration form.

2. The child/ward is provided with a unique Registration ID.

Admission Test and Interaction

Here is the 2 step process for the admission test or interaction:

Step 1: A personal interview with the Principal or class teacher is held (till class II).
A written test is taken for admission in higher grades (class III onwards).

Step 2: If the student clears the admission test and interaction, the student is invited for admission.

Documents Acceptance and Verification

Once the parent/guardian fill the admission form and the admission test or interaction step is successfully completed, the parent/guardian is requested to provide the following documents:
1. Completed application form
2. Progress Report of the last class attended (for Class II and above)

3. Two recent passport size photographs of the student

4. Two recent passport size photographs of the parents or the guardian

5. Proof of residence (Electricity Bill, Lease Deed, recent bank statement, ownership document, Driver’s Licence, passport)

6. Copy of Aadhaar Card of each parent

7. Transfer Certificate from the previous school

8. Medical History

9. Aadhaar card of the student

Admission Offer

The admission offer is made based upon all the above steps getting successfully completed. The 3 sub-steps in the admissions offer related process are as follows:

1. If the parent shows interest in admission, he is asked to fill in admission form.
2. The child/ward is provided with a unique Admission ID.
3. Fee is collected for the corresponding session.