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This ADD-ON Curriculum will be done in addition to the Regular curriculum and graded according to the levels 1+ , 2+ , 3+ years
Teacher will draw out a calendar to ensure the Curriculum Objectives are met.
Every student will be answered and graded and Record for the Same to be maintained.
ADD-ON CURRICULUM Co-Scholastic Attributes

Learning outcomes

  1. Motor Development
  2. Social Development
  3. Emotional Development
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Language Development
  6. Creative Development
  7. Conceptual Development

Skills & Qualities


Teaching Aids


Physical Fitness
  • Outdoor structured games
  • Play
  • Inculcating good eating habits.
  • Healthy and Hygienic Environment.
  • Activities leading to small Muscle development like catch and throw, tearing and pasting, coloring, clay molding, beading, buttoning, lacing etc.
Free open space
Balancing Beam
Self Help Kit
Out door & motor development

Social Skills

  • Stage Exposure
  • Making the child speak over mike
  • Making the child and take a participate lead role in group activities like reciting rhyme
  • Appreciating the child for every small effort.
  • Presentations, Annual Day and all stage shows.
  Social Development
Decision Making
  • Living choices and taking activities which children choose and appreciating their decisions. Eg. Asking children if they want to do coloring or play on the swings.
  Social Development
Taking Initiative
  • Encouraging children to volunteer themselves for a specific task like who would like to recite a rhyme or who would like to distribute plates with Ma’am’
  Social Development
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities like distributing plates
  • In group activities let children take the lead roles in singing playing games. Eg. On a daily basis class leader is appointed for the day. During that day he can be made responsible for many things like taking out diaries distributing colors. bags plates, wiping the board. This exercise should be repeated for all the children in the class on a daily basis so that all the children can emerge as leaders in the future.
  Social Development
  • Ask children to keep their belongings in the bags of their own.
  • They can be asked to independently go to different activity centers.
  • Inculcation self help skills like tying of laces, washing hands, going to the toilet, combing their hair, buttoning their shirts also makes children more independent.
Self Help Kits, Lacing Bugs. Learn the clothes their own. Social Development
  • By organizing group plays where children need to share, cooperate and take turns.
  • Sharing days can be organized where children can be made to share their belongings like toys, colors, fruits, chocolates etc.
  Social Development
Empathy & Respect
  • By role plays dramatizations on good moral values, taking them for nature walks and organizing events like Grandparents Day so that e children develop nurturing and caring attitude towards the environment and empathy and respect towards our elders.
  Social Development
Emotional Strength

  • Negative Emotions
    (Anger, Shyness, Anxiety, fear, Jealousy)
  • Positive Emotions
    (Love Enthusiasm, affection, happiness)
  • Emotional Balance: so that unpleasant emotions do not dominate child’s personality.
  • Emotional Control: Control of over expression of emotions
  • Activities like creative plays, imaginative plays, imaginative plays, role Plays, dramatizations
  • Provide opportunities for activities involving energetic movement, which provides the children an outlet for pent up feeling and emotions.
  • Using stories, songs, puppets for enabling children to experience different emotions.
  • Teachers as role models should be emotionally balanced and competent.
Puppets, dolls
Hammer Set